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Neural Net Computing Explodes

Neural networking with advanced parallel processing is beginning to take root in a number of markets ranging from predicting earthquakes and hurricanes to parsing MRI image datasets in order to identify and classify tumors. As this approach gets implemented in more places, it is being customized...
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Create Your Own "Neural Paintings" using Deep Learning

Neural networks can work on so many things. They can understand our voices, interpret images, and translate conversations, but did you know they can also paint? The image above shows some generated results using neural paintings. Today, I’m going to walk you through how to do that. First off, make...
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The Rise of Deep Learning in the Tech Industry

Tech analysts love trending topics. In fact, that’s their job: forecast and analyze trends. Some years ago we had “Big Data”, more recently “Machine Learning”, and now it s the time of “Deep Learning”. So let’s dive in and try to understand what‘s behind it and what impact it can have on our...
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Creating a Neural Network in Python

Neural Networks are very complicated programs accessible only to elite academics and geniuses, not something which an average developer would be able to work with, and definitely not anything I could hope to comprehend. Right? Well, no. After an enlightening talk by Louis Monier and Gerg Renard at...
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