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Attempt to Upgrade OVS to 2.7 on HA Overcloud Topology RDO Ocata

This test is inspired by [1], however it has been done on stable Ocata branch 15.0.6 (versus master in link mentioned above.) So, it allows after OVS upgrade launch completely functional VM in overcloud.Obviously, no ovn* packages got installed. Same step on Master is awaiting complete...
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RDO Ocata packstack AIO Deployment Via the Most Recent Trunk "current-passed-ci"

Post following bellow is just proof of concept that packstack might be used for RDO Ocata deployment using the same current-passed-ci delorean Ocata Trunk as it does on regular basis TripleO QuickStart. I am not doing multinode set up due to known limitation of packstack, e.g. disability split...
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Red Hat OpenStack Platform 11 Released

Red Hat's love affair with OpenStack continues with enhanced support for upgrades with composable roles, new networking capabilities, and improved integration with Red Hat CloudForms for cloud management. This latest OpenStack distribution delivers a reliable cloud platform built on the proven...
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TripleO QuickStart Ocata Branch Deployment with Feature Sets and Nodes Configuration (topology) Separated

In previous versions of triple-quickstart a config file was used to determine not only the features that would be enabled in tripleo and openstack but also the number of nodes to be used. For instance "config/general_config/ha.yml" would configure pacemaker and ensure three controller nodes...
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OpenStack Sets its Sights on the Next Generation of Private Clouds

Today, the OpenStack Foundation is launching the latest version of its platform that allows enterprises to run an AWS-like cloud computing platform in their data centers. Ocata, as the 15th release of OpenStack is called, arrives after only a four-month release cycle, which is a bit faster than its...
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