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As we move into 2017, The Open Container Initiative reflects on the community's accomplishments in 2016 and how far they’ve come since being founded a little over a year ago.

OCI’s Push For Open Container Standards Continues in 2017

Chris Aniszczyk is The Linux Foundation’s Vice President of Developer Relations and Programs where he serves as the Executive Director of the Open Container Initiative and COO of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. As we kick off 2017 and look ahead to the coming year, I want to take some time...
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Microsoft joins The Linux Foundation
I was honored to join Scott Guthrie, executive VP of Microsoft’s Cloud and Enterprise Group, at the Connect(); developer event in New York on Nov. 16, 2016.

Microsoft Steps Up Its Commitment to Open Source

Today The Linux Foundation is announcing that we’ve welcomed Microsoft as a Platinum member. I’m honored to join Scott Guthrie, executive VP of Microsoft’s Cloud and Enterprise Group, at the Connect(); developer event in New York and expect to be able to talk more in the coming months about how we’...
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Container Format Dispute on Twitter Shows Disparities Between Docker and the Community

Should the Docker container image format be completely standardized? Or should Docker not be held back from evolving the format ahead of the open specification? This was the topic of a heated Twitter tussle last week between Google evangelist Kelsey Hightower and the creator of the Docker itself,...
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The Open Container Initiative has been around for more than year now; learn what the project has achieved so far.

What Has the Open Container Initiative Achieved in Its First Year?

The Open Container Initiative (OCI) was formed in June 2015. Their main goal was to  establish common standards for software containers. It was originally named the Open Container Project and later became a Linux Foundation project.  Founding members included CoreOS, Amazon Web Services, Apcera,...
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Can OCI Specs Protect Against Balkanization of Containers?

Open Container Initiative, the vendor conglomerate from different platform camps (Docker, CloudFoundry, etc.) with the promise of creating vendor neutral container standards, has announced the release of new image specification for container images. I thought this is a good time to reflect on the...
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This Week in Linux News: Hyperledger Project Could Help Solve Counterfeit Drug Problem, Linux Goals Have Changed, & More

This Week in Linux News: Hyperledger Project could help solve counterfeit drug problem, Linux goals have changed, and more. Get the latest on open source with the weekly news digest. 1) Management consulting services company, Accenture, proposed a blockchain-supported solution to the counterfeit...
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​A Big Step Forward in Container Standardization

The Open Container Initiative has agreed to work on a common open container Image Format Specification. Server and cloud admins all agree that containers are great. What we don't agree on is which containers are the best. Rather than let this spark into a standards fire-fight, the Open Container...
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Docker 1.11 Adopts Open Container Project Components

Docker's participation in the Open Container project has come full circle, as the latest version of Docker is now built with components donated by Docker to the OCP. The biggest news about Docker 1.11 isn't features in the application, but that it uses component versions standardized under the...
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Open Container Initiative Launches a Container Image Format Spec

The Open Container Initiative (OCI) has taken the next step in establishing a standards base for the emerging container ecosystem. The organization has launched a project to establish a container image format specification. As a follow-up to the container runtime standard OCI is working on, open...
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