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Get trained and certified
The Linux Foundation and the Cloud Native Computing Foundation are partnering to provide training and certification for Kubernetes.

Get Trained and Certified on Kubernetes with The Linux Foundation and CNCF

Companies in diverse industries are increasingly building applications designed to run in the cloud at a massive, distributed scale. That means they are also seeking talent with experience deploying and managing such cloud native applications using containers in microservices architectures....
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Open Source Jobs Report 2016
According to the 2016 Open Source Jobs Report, security is one of the top three open source skills.

Security Skills Give Open Source Professionals a Career Advantage

In today’s market, open source professionals with security expertise are crucial players on an employer roster. The growing use of cloud and big data, as well as the overhaul and expansion of many companies’ tech infrastructures, are driving the demand and need for professionals with this skillset...
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Xen Project Release Strengthens Security and Pushes New Use Cases

Xen Project technology supports more than 10 million users and is a staple in some of the largest clouds in production today, including Amazon Web Service, Tencent, and Alibaba’s Aliyun. Recently, the project announced the arrival of Xen Project Hypervisor 4.7. This new release focuses on improving...
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Q&A with Tracy Hinds: Improving Education and Diversity at Node.js

To increase developer support and diversity in the Node.js open source community, the Node.js Foundation earlier this year brought in Tracy Hinds to be its Education Community Manager. She is charged with creating a certification program for Node.js, increasing diversity, and improving project...
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Netflix has scaled its open source contributions through distributed leadership, or what it calls shepherds, aligned with engineering.

How to Write a Job Posting for an Open Source Office Lead

By Benjamin VanEvery I ran into several folks this past week at OSCON who expressed a keen interest in creating a dedicated role for Open Source at their respective companies. So what was stopping them? One simple thing: every single one of them was struggling to define exactly what that role means...
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