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open source compliance
A successful open source compliance program involves establishing a clean compliance baseline for your product or software portfolio.

Establishing a Clean Software Baseline for Open Source License Compliance

One of a company’s first challenges when starting an open source compliance program is to find exactly which open source software is already in use and under which licenses it is available. This initial auditing process is often described as establishing a clean compliance baseline for your...
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7 elements
There are seven essential elements of an open source management program. We’ll cover them all in this ongoing series adapted from the Linux Foundation e-book, Open Source Compliance in the Enterprise.

The 7 Elements of an Open Source Management Program: Strategy and Process

The following is adapted from Open Source Compliance in the Enterprise by Ibrahim Haddad, PhD. An open source management program provides a structure around all aspects of open source software. This includes a strategy and processes around software selection, approval, use, distribution, audit,...
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