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Open source development revolution
In the past, software products were largely developed in-house. Now we are repeatedly downloading code from the Internet to evaluate, prototype, and integrate. We only code the parts that are truly unique to our application.

6 Operational Challenges to Using Open Source Software

In today's rapidly evolving markets, companies that consistently innovate, most quickly and at the least cost, will win. And, as you’ve seen in our ongoing series, using Open Source Software (OSS) enables rapid, low-cost innovation. But it can also introduce operational challenges and legal risks...
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software portal
Samsung’s SmartThings website is the external portal for the company’s open source IoT software.

How and Why to do Open Source Compliance Training at Your Company

The following is adapted from The Linux Foundation’s e-book, Open Source Compliance in the Enterprise, by Ibrahim Haddad, PhD. Education and communication are two essential building blocks in any open source software compliance program. Both help ensure that employees, as well as others outside the...
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