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At Open Source Summit in Prague, Giovanni Bechis will discuss tools that improve software security by blocking unwanted syscalls.

How OpenBSD and Linux Mitigate Security Bugs

At the upcoming Open Source Summit Europe + ELC Europe 2017, to be held in Prague, Czech Republic, Giovanni Bechis will be delivering a talk focused on tools that help improve software security by blocking unwanted syscalls.   Bechis is CEO and DevOps engineer at SNB s.r.l., a hosting provider and...
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OS Summit EU
Check out the keynote speakers for this year’s Open Source Summit Europe event — Oct. 23-26 in Prague.

OS Summit Europe Keynotes Feature Jono Bacon, Keila Banks, and a Q&A with Linus Torvalds

Open Source Summit Europe is not far away! This year’s event — held Oct. 23-26 in Prague, Czech Republic — will feature a wide array of speakers, including open source community expert Jono Bacon, 11-year-old hacker Reuben Paul, and Linux creator Linus Torvalds. At OS Summit Europe, you will have...
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