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The Beginner’s Guide to the CNCF Landscape

The cloud native landscape can be complicated and confusing. Its myriad of open source projects are supported by the constant contributions of a vibrant and expansive community. The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) has a landscape map that shows the full extent of cloud native solutions,...
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How Kubernetes Deployments Work

This contributed article is part of a series, from members of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), about CNCF’s Kubecon/CloudNativeCon, taking place this week in Austin, Dec. 6 – 8.   We’ve written quite a few blog posts about the Kubernetes container orchestration engine and how to deploy...
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Kubernetes Node

A Kubernetes Node is a logical collection of IT resources that supports one or more containers. Nodes contain the necessary services to run Pods (which are Kubernetes's units of containers), communicate with master components, configure networking and run assigned workloads. A Node can host one or...
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How Enterprise IT Uses Kubernetes to Tame Container Complexity

Running a few standalone containers for development purposes won’t rob your IT team of time or patience: A standards-based container runtime by itself will do the job. But once you scale to a production environment and multiple applications spanning many containers, it’s clear that you need a way...
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Kubernetes by the Numbers: 10 Compelling Stats

How quickly has Kubernetes’ popularity soared? By most accounts, very quickly. Earlier this year, Cloud Native Computing Foundation executive director Dan Kohn penned a blog post that dug into that claim. People regularly tout Kubernetes as one of the highest velocity projects ever in open source...
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Learn more about Microsoft’s engagement with the Kubernetes community in this interview with Brendan Burns.

How Microsoft Contributes to Kubernetes

Microsoft has recently increased their stakes in the Kubernetes community through a variety of actions. For example, they acquired Deis, a company that specialises in Kubernetes container management technologies. And, Microsoft became a member of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, which is the...
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Upgrading to Kubernetes 1.8 with Kubeadm

Kubeadm is the tool that ships with Kubernetes to manage your cluster’s lifecycle; it’s designed to be used any time you need to do something significant to your cluster. Kubeadm 1.8 brings new features to the table, and we recommend checking out the the repository for all the latest development....
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Docker Opens Up to Support Kubernetes Container Orchestration

There's been a lot of adoption of Kubernetes in the last few years, and as of Oct. 17 the open-source container orchestration technology has one more supporter. Docker Inc. announced at its DockerCon EU conference here that it is expanding its Docker platform to support Kubernetes. Docker had been...
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Reasons Kubernetes Is Cool

I will try to explain some reason I think Kubenetes is interesting without using the words “cloud native”, “orchestration”, “container”, or any Kubernetes-specific terminology :). I’m going to explain this mostly from the perspective of a kubernetes operator / infrastructure engineer, since my job...
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What You Need to Know: Kubernetes and Swarm

Kubernetes and Docker Swarm are both popular and well-known container orchestration platforms. You don't need a container orchestrator to run a container, but they are important for keeping your containers healthy and add enough value to mean you need to know about them. This blog post introduces...
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