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Wolfgang Ries
Wolfgang Ries, CMO, Fujitsu Enabling Software Technology GmbH, talking about the company's open source journey at LinuxCon Europe.

Fujitsu's Open Source Journey -- From Consumer to Contributor

Open source is a journey for many companies as they move through a process that seems a bit like magic when releasing an open source project. Recently at LinuxCon Europe, Wolfgang Ries, CMO at Fujitsu Enabling Software Technology GmbH, talked about the company's open source journey and how they...
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Wolfgang Ries
Wolfgang Ries, CMO of Fujitsu EST, discussed the evolution of open source at Fujitsu, and the company’s first open source project Open Service Catalog Manager (OSCM), in his keynote at LinuxCon Europe 2016.

Fujitsu Open Source Project Aims to Be Front End for Cloud Foundry Service-Broker API

Last year, Fujitsu launched its first open source project, Open Service Catalog Manager (OSCM), for service providers, IT departments and end users to manage and track the cost of provisioning cloud-native applications. It is, essentially, a platform to manage cloud services and build marketplaces...
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