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The Outreachy program offers a paid three-month internship for women and other underrepresented groups to work on a free and open source software project.

Be Bold, Be Curious, and Be Open, Advise Outreachy Participants

In Tuesday afternoon’s “Kernel Internship Report and Outreachy Panel” session at LinuxCon North America, interns and mentors involved with the Outreachy program spoke enthusiastically of their experiences with the program. The panel was moderated by Karen M. Sandler, Executive Director of the...
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Syslog, A Tale Of Specifications

The advantage of a unikernel work cycle is many-fold. You get performance benefits from not having a memory management unit or Kernel/User boundary and the attack surface is greatly minimized as all system dependencies are compiled with your application logic. Don’t use a file-system in your...
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