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A Primer on Nvidia-Docker — Where Containers Meet GPUs

Traditional programs cannot access GPUs directly. They need a special parallel programming interface to move computations to GPU. Nvidia, the most popular graphics card manufacturer, has created Compute Unified Device Architecture (CUDA), as a parallel computing platform and programming model for...
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LLVM-Powered Pocl Puts Parallel Processing on Multiple Hardware Platforms

Open source implementation of OpenCL automatically deploys code across numerous platforms, speeding machine learning and other jobs. LLVM, the open source compiler framework that powers everything from Mozilla’s Rust language to Apple’s Swift, emerges in yet another significant role: an enabler of...
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Future Technologies on the Rise for HPC

While the future of HPC will involve myriad different technologies, one thing is clear – the future of HPC involves a considerably greater degree of parallelism than we are seeing today. A large driver for this increased parallelism is the use of increasingly parallel processors and accelerator...
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