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Linux Beats Windows To Become The Most Popular Development Platform: Stack Overflow Survey 2018

Every year, Stack Overflow conducts its developer survey and shares its results with the public for analysis. Expanding its reach, this year over 100,000 developers took part in the 30-minute survey and told how they learn new technologies, which tools they use to get their work done, and what they...
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open networking
The industry is taking open networking to next level; learn more from Dell EMC's Jeff Baher in this interview.

Dell EMC: The Next Big Shift in Open Networking Is Here

This article was sponsored by Dell EMC and written by Linux.com. Ahead of the much anticipated 2018 Open Networking Summit, we spoke to Jeff Baher, director, Dell EMC Networking and Service Provider Solutions, about what lies ahead for open networking in the data center and beyond....
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Here's What Developers Really Think about AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud

Platform providers lack adequate support resources for developers, according to an Accenture report. Only 23% of developers strongly agree that adequate support is readily available from their platform provider.— Accenture, 2018 Amazon Web Services (AWS) was named the most developer-friendly...
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Kubernetes Implementations: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

[In this excerpt from The New Stack’s e-book The State of the Kubernetes Ecosystem, research director Lawrence Hecht asks readers to assess the challenges they may be facing in adopting Kubernetes in production for their organizations, and how they may be responding to them.] Kubernetes’ perceived...
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​SUSE Introduces New Container Management Service for IaaS and PaaS clouds

Like many other companies, SUSE has decided Kubernetes is the future of container orchestration. At SUSECon in Prague, the oldest Linux company announced the release of SUSE CaaS [Container-as-a-Service] Platform 2, its Kubernetes-based CaaS container management program for Infrastructure-as-a-...
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OpenStack Pike Debuts Re-Defining the Open-Source Cloud Platform

The 16th release of OpenStack now uses the open-source Python 3.5 programming language and provides new standalone project component options. The OpenStack Foundation debuted its 16th milestone release today with the launch of the OpenStack Pike cloud infrastructure platform. Pike follows the...
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Cloud Foundry Foundation: A Platform Where Competitors Collaborate

The Linux Foundation is host to more than 100 open source projects, but only a handful are foundations unto themselves. Cloud Foundry Foundation is unique in its standing as a Linux Foundation project: a nonprofit foundation and an open source project that came to the table fully formed. Incepted...
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Navigating Cloud Foundry

This open source platform-as-a-service cloud platform bridges the gap between legacy applications and cloud services. For all the talk about the cloud, many applications continue to run on traditional servers. Hybrid architectures are sometimes the right option, but if you want to move corporate...
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Highly Distributed Platform Deployment

This post will explore less technical and more “big picture” concepts. When we (Red Hat Professional Services) come on-site to help to deploy OpenShift (Enterprise-ready Kubernetes distribution) we work with the customer to determine what kind of journey they will experience while onboarding and...
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Top 5 Container Mistakes that Cause Security Problems

Given that many companies are still wrapping their arms around the potential of container technology and how to best leverage it, there is still a lot of experimentation with containers.  Developers are working in their own sandboxes, setting them up on their laptops and then putting them into...
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