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‘Open Source Development at Google Is Both Very Diverse and Distributed’

Everyone knows that Google is a leader in the open source world. But what is it that makes it a distinct player in the fast-growing developer community? Will Norris, the engineering manager at Google’s Open Source Programs Office, reveals some secrets in an exclusive talk with Jagmeet Singhof OSFY...
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Open Source Explodes Enterprise Procurement

Open source gives startups an opportunity to shoulder big vendors aside by leveraging the cloud to disrupt traditional relationships, says Martin Casado, a pioneering software-defined networking entrepreneur turned venture capitalist. "It turns out one of the most difficult things for a startup to...
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What is DevOps? Gareth Rushgrove Explains

Gareth Rushgrove is known by many people as the creator and editor of the popular DevOps Weekly email newsletter, and he spent several years working for the U.K. Government Digital Service (GDS) on GOV.UK and other projects. As Senior Software Engineer at Puppet, you can find him building some of...
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The Truth About Penetration Testing Vs. Vulnerability Assessments

Organizations Must Put Security Vulnerabilities Into the Context of Their Exploitability Vulnerability assessments are often confused with penetration tests. In fact, the two terms are often used interchangeably, but they are worlds apart. To strengthen an organization’s cyber risk posture, it is...
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HugOps in Practice: Empathy Skills for DevOps

We think we’re doing the whole DevOps thing right — new hires can deploy on day one, Travis CI is humming along, and we own the code we ship. But then something breaks, something doesn’t go according to plan, tempers flare up, and all that warm, fuzzy collaboration seems to evaporate. What’s going...
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Developing a Regression Testing Strategy

Teams working in agile test each new function during the release cycle, maybe do some light poking the day before shipping, and then give the thumbs up. Alternately, they just do nothing and software still ships. There is a better way to approach this problem; develop a regression testing strategy...
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