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How to Give IT Project Estimates—And When Not to Estimate at All

Everyone wants to know how long a project will take. Here’s how to provide managers with a prediction that’s both accurate and imprecise, using cycle time and counting stories, along with advice on when to avoid estimation altogether. Estimation is work, too. Many teams account for estimation in...
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How to Plan Projects in the Open, Without the Stress

How can you define project requirements, engage multiple stakeholders, delegate work, and track progress—all in the open? Here's one tried-and-true method. Consider these questions: How do you gather and understand requirements? How do you track those requirements? How do you map them into real...
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Becoming a 10x Developer

So when I first heard the concept of the 10x engineer, I was confused. How could someone be so talented that it overshadows the power of teamwork? In my experience, individual excellence is necessary, but not sufficient, for greatness. Focusing purely on individual achievement misses the larger...
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5 Agile Myths You Should Avoid

Agile has proven to be a polarizing force to every type of businesses, big or small since a group of software developers proposed it in 2001 in the form of the Agile Manifesto as a reaction to traditional “Waterfall” development, which they found dysfunctional and slow to give results. Agile is...
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How to Rethink Project Management for DevOps

As DevOps boosts your organization’s agility, how does the project manager role need to change? Explore this expert advice. As DevOps culture spreads, however, so does its impact on other areas of the organization. Take project management: DevOps fundamentally changes how IT teams approach projects...
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An Economically Efficient Model for Open Source Software License Compliance

"The Compliance Industrial Complex" is a term that evokes dystopian imagery of organizations engaging in elaborate and highly expensive processes to comply with open source license terms. As life often imitates art, many organizations engage in this practice, sadly robbing them of the many benefits...
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Evolving Team Leadership

There is much written about the changing roles of Development and Operations staff when organisations undergo agile/devops transformations. But what about the changing role of the Team Leader? In pre-agile environments, as a Team Lead, your role is one of structure and co-ordination; it is through...
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OS Summit and ELC Europe
The deadline for speaking proposals for OS Summit and ELC Europe is Saturday, July 8, 2017. Submit your talk soon!

Last Chance to Submit Your Talk for Open Source Summit and ELC Europe

Submit your proposal soon to speak at Open Source Summit and Embedded Linux Conference (ELC) taking place in Prague, Czech Republic, October 23-25, 2017. The deadline for proposals is Saturday, July 8, 2017. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to share your expertise and experience at these events...
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Getting Started with Open Source Licenses

With proprietary software, it's easy for a developer to know where he or she stands. Unless you or the company for which you're working owns the copyright to the code, it's off limits -- end of story. There's usually not even any temptation to use the code, because the source code is usually not...
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A New Home for Google Open Source

Free and open source software has been part of our technical and organizational foundation since Google’s early beginnings. From servers running the Linux kernel to an internal culture of being able to patch any other team's code, open source is part of everything we do. In return, we've released...
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