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Large technology companies are leading the way in establishing open source programs to create and nurture best practices.

Survey: Open Source Programs Are a Best Practice Among Large Companies

Open source software programs play an important role in how DevOps and open source best practices are adopted by organizations, according to a survey conducted by The New Stack and The Linux Foundation (via the TODO Group). By implementing open source best practices, organizations are helping...
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Tech Giants Are Using Open Source Frameworks to Dominate the AI Community

Research plays a crucial role in the AI movement, and tech giants have to do everything in their power to seem viable to the AI community. AI is mostly based on research advances and state-of-the-art technology, which is advancing very quickly. Therefore, there is no business need to make closed...
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Image Processing on Linux

I've covered several scientific packages in this space that generate nice graphical representations of your data and work, but I've not gone in the other direction much. So in this article, I cover a popular image processing package called ImageJ. Specifically, I am looking at Fiji, an instance of...
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What Women in Cybersecurity Really Think About Their Careers

For once, some good news about women in the cybersecurity field: A new survey shows that despite the low number of women in the industry, many feel empowered in their jobs and consider themselves valuable members of the team. The newly published "Women in Cybersecurity:  A Progressive Movement"...
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TNS Research: Tell Us About Your Kubernetes Experience

The New Stack provides comprehensive coverage of the Kubernetes open source container orchestration engine, and we’re looking to invest in the community even further. In 2016, our survey reported on “The Present State of Container Orchestration,” but a lot has changed in the last year. While...
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Containers Rated More Secure Than Conventional Apps, says Gartner

Containers are more secure than apps running on a bare OS and organisations that like not being hacked therefore need to seriously consider a move, according to analyst firm Gartner. Analyst Jeorg Fritsch, in a new document titled How to Secure Docker Containers in Operation says “Gartner asserts...
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Containers Are on Fire as Enterprises Ramp Up Adoption

Container technology is rapidly transforming the way enterprises develop and deliver applications, and adoption is set to ramp up spectacularly in the next year, even as obstacles towards adoption persist. A new report from the Cloud Foundry Foundation, Hope Versus Reality: Containers in 2016,...
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Nearly Two-Thirds of IT Users Plan to Mainstream Containers in a Year, Global Survey Reveals

Cloud Foundry Foundation, home of the industry-standard multi-cloud platform, today announced findings from the most comprehensive global survey ever conducted on the adoption of containers. More than half of companies surveyed said they were either evaluating or using containers while a full 64%...
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DNA: The Long-term Data Storage Format that Will Never Go Obsolete

Digital archivists have been worried about the ephemeral nature of digital storage for some time now. How can you trust vital documents to any storage technology, which will most likely be obsolete within a decade or two? Now some researchers are investigating the use of nature’s own digital...
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