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With OPNFV, Orange Plans a Full-Scale Rollout of Network Functions Virtualization

Learn how Orange leverages open source software via OPNFV to solve several important issues along the way.  Over the past few years, the entire networking industry has begun to transform as network demands rapidly increase. This is true for both the technology itself and the way in which carriers...
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The OPNFV project provides users with open source technology they can use and tailor for their purposes; learn how to get involved.

What OPNFV Makes Possible in Open Source

Over the past several weeks, we have been discussing the Understanding OPNFV book (see links to previous articles below). In this last article in the series, we will look at why you should care about the project and how you can get involved. OPNFV provides both tangible and intangible benefits to...
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China Is Driving To 5G And IoT Through Global Collaboration

Telecoms and cloud service providers are gearing up for two of the largest functional changes in decades: The Internet of Things (IoT) which is happening now and 5G which is on the horizon. Both will require substantial investments in capital and operations for today’s networks to be competitive...
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OPNFV Summit
OPNFV Summit will be held in Beijing June 12-15. Join us for four days of connecting global communities via tutorials, sessions, demos, and keynotes exploring ​the ​latest ​developments in open source Network Functions Virtualization.

Learn Next-Gen Networking Trends from these OPNFV Summit Keynotes

The countdown to this year’s OPNFV Summit is on! We’re headed to Beijing June 12-15 for four days of connecting global communities via tutorials, sessions, demos and keynotes targeted toward a diverse set of industry attendees. The largest gathering of OPNFV developers and community members from...
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Andre Fuetsch
"ONAP will become the global standard for service providers to introduce and operate and manage SDN," said Andre Fuetsch at Open Networking Summit.

Disruptive Collaboration: The Next Generation of Network Software and Hardware

About 10 years ago, mobile networks began experiencing massive increases in demand with the launch of the iPhone and the introduction of other smart phones. In a keynote at the Open Networking Summit, Andre Fuetsch, President AT&T Labs and CTO, AT&T says that the demand increased over 250,...
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Here’s What Comes Next in the Fight to Save Net Neutrality

THE GOP-LED FEDERAL Communications Commission this week released the first details of its long-anticipated plan to roll-back Obama-era net neutrality protections. The good news for net neutrality advocates: You can already voice your official displeasure on the FCC’s proposal. The bad news: It’s...
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NFV vs. VNF: What's the Difference?

NFV versus VNF: SDN engineer Darien Hirotsu explains the differences between network functions virtualization and virtual network functions.  Networking professionals sometimes use the terms virtual network functions, or VNF, and network functions virtualization, or NFV, interchangeably, which can...
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ETSI is Bullish on the Results of Its First NFV Interoperability Tests

The European Telecommunication Standards Institute (ETSI) recently put on a plugtest event in Madrid, Spain, where 35 commercial and open source implementations were tested for interoperability, and it saw promising results as released in its report. For features like network service on-boarding,...
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Open source practices
Enterprises are ramping up adoption of open source software and increasingly creating their own open source tools.

As the Software Supply Chain Shifts, Enterprise Open Source Programs Ramp Up

Today’s software supply chain is fundamentally different than it was only a few years ago, and open source programs at large enterprises are helping to drive that trend. According to Sonatype’s 2016 State of the Software Supply Chain enterprises are both turning to existing open source projects to...
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Mobile Edge Computing Creates ‘Tiny Data Centers’ at the Edge

One key element of 5G is likely to be Mobile Edge Computing (MEC), an emerging standard that extends virtualized infrastructure into the radio access network (RAN). ETSI has created a separate working group for it — the ETSI MEC ISG — with about 80 companies involved.  “MEC uses a lot of NFV ...
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