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The deluge of data being generated today presents new storage challenges. Learn about the various storage types and how they're used in this overview.

Know Your Storage: Block, File & Object

Dealing with the tremendous amount of data generated today presents a big challenge for companies who create or consume such data. It’s a challenge for tech companies that are dealing with related storage issues. “Data is growing exponentially each year, and we find that the majority of data...
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Software-Defined Storage or Hyperconverged Infrastructure?

It’s easy to get software-defined storage (SDS) confused with hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI). Both solutions “software-define” the infrastructure and abstract storage from the underlying hardware. They both run on commodity servers and pair well with virtualization. Reporters, analysts,...
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What is Software Defined Storage?

The concept of "software defined storage" (SDS) seems to be everywhere, if you read about the data storage industry or explore storage products.  However, the software defined storage definition remains a little vague – or perhaps more than a little vague. Most people seem to agree that at first,...
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OpenSDS at CloudNativeCon + KubeCon: Moving Forward with SDS and Cloud Computing

CloudNativeCon + KubeCon Europe 2017 has begun and is bringing together the world’s top experts in open source cloud computing. Their goal is to maintain and promote the development of integrated open source technologies to better deploy and implement cloud computing. OpenSDS, a Silver sponsor of...
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Software defined Storage
With SDS, organizations can manage policy-based provisioning and management of data storage independent of the underlying hardware. Here's a list of open source projects you should know.

Software-Defined Storage Opens Up: 10 Projects to Know

Throughout 2016, the SDS (Software-Defined Storage) category achieved many new milestones and became increasingly tied to successful cloud deployments. With SDS, organizations can manage policy-based provisioning and management of data storage independent of the underlying hardware. They can also...
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GlusterFS Storage Pools

Software-defined storage, which until recently was the preserve of large storage solution vendors, can be implemented today with open source and free software. As a bonus, you can look forward to additional features that are missing in hardware-based solutions. GlusterFS puts you in a position to...
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Dell EMC joins The Linux Foundation's OpenSDS Project

Dell EMC is joining the OpenSDS Project, a Linux Foundation Collaborative project. To mark its commitment to the project, Dell EMC is contributing CoprHD SouthBound SDK (SB SDK) to the OpenSDS project. The SB SDK allows developers to build drivers and other tools with the assurance that they will...
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