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What Are Microservices? Lightweight Software Development Explained

Microservices architecture tears down large monolithic applications with massive complex internal architectures into smaller, independently scalable applications. Each microservice is small and less complex to develop, update, and deploy. When you think about it, why should those functionalities...
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Open Source Software has proven instrumental in speeding software development cycles.

Using Open Source Software to Speed Development and Gain Business Advantage

There are many compelling reasons to use Open Source Software (OSS), all of which add up to a competitive advantage for the organization. Using OSS: Speeds delivery of software and hardware solutions Saves money Provides flexibility Helps companies stay on the leading edge of technology...
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The most widely accepted definition for Open Source Software comes from the Open Source Initiative (OSI).

What Is Open Source Software?

What is Open Source Software? Most of us think we already know, but in fact, there are a number of interpretations and nuances to defining Open Source. This is the first article in a new series that will explain the basics of open source for business advantage and how to achieve it through the...
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