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Tanmay Bakshi discusses DeepSPADE, which can be used to differentiate between spam and non-spam posts on public community forums.

DeepSPADE (alias DeepSmokey): A Machine-Learning System That Collects Spam from the Internet

This blog is about a deep learning system I’ve created, called DeepSPADE (alias DeepSmokey) and how it’s being used to build better Internet communities. To begin, what is DeepSPADE, and what does it do? DeepSPADE stands for Deep Spam Detection, and the basic point is for machine learning to do a...
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The World’s Very First Spam: A Remembrance

This month saw the 39th anniversary of the world’s very first spam. It was written on May 1st, 1978 — and sent on May 3rd — by then 31-year-old Gary Thuerk, from Chicago. Young Thuerk had served as an officer in the Navy, and had written FORTRAN programs for IBM mainframes. After one year at...
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Blocking of International Spam Botnets with a Postfix Plugin

This article contains an analysis and solution for blocking of international SPAM botnets with on postfix mail servers by using a postfwd plugin which analyses the sasl connects by country.   One of the most important and hardest tasks for every company that provides mail services is staying out of...
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Learn how to mitigate issues when your mail server is stressed.

Destress Your Mail Server with Postfix Troubleshooting Tips: Part 2

As I discussed in the previous article, it’s clearly important to know when your trusty mail transfer agent (MTA) is struggling to perform its duties. In this article, I’ll take a closer look at some warning signs and consider potential ways to mitigate issues when you spot that your server is...
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Learn how to process emails more efficiently and debug various MTA issues.

Destress Your Mail Server with Postfix Troubleshooting Tips: Part 1

Several mail servers are available on the market today. Some are rather confounding to configure but are super-reliable. Others are a little old school and rely on no small degree of background knowledge to get them up and running. According to the website Mail Radar, in a randomized survey of 59,...
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Learn how Postscreen can help filter out spam.

How to Use Postfix Postscreen to Test Email for Spam: Part 1

I recently read with interest that the powerful mail transfer agent (MTA) that is Postfix has introduced a relatively new addition to its load mitigation and anti-spam arsenal. As of version 2.8, Postfix now incorporates Postscreen. In previous versions of the mail server, only one connection...
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