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Reliable IoT Event Logging with syslog-ng

As I wrote above, the syslog-ng application is an enhanced logging daemon with a focus on portability and central log collection. Daemon means syslog-ng is an application running continuously in the background; in this case, it's collecting log messages. While Linux testing for many of today's...
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security tips
In this series, we’ll cover essential information for keeping hackers out of your system. Watch the free webinar on-demand for more information.

How to Keep Hackers out of Your Linux Machine Part 2: Three More Easy Security Tips

In part 1 of this series, I shared two easy ways to prevent hackers from eating your Linux machine. Here are three more tips from my recent Linux Foundation webinar where I shared more tactics, tools and methods hackers use to invade your space. Watch the entire webinar on-demand for free. Easy...
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Part 2 of our rsyslog series takes a detailed look at the main config file.

Remote Logging With Syslog, Part 2: Main Config File

In the previous article, we looked at some of the basics of rsyslog -- a superfast Syslog tool with some powerful features for log processing. Here, I’ll be taking a detailed look at the main config file. Let’s dive right in. Something to note -- in case this causes you issues in the future -- is...
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When your system’s logging causes unexpected issues, you need to understand how your logging works and where your logs are saved. Here, we look at rsyslog, a superfast logging daemon.

Remote Logging With Syslog, Part 1: The Basics

A problematic scenario, sometimes caused as a result of an application’s logging misconfiguration, is when the /var/log/messages file fills up, meaning that the /var partition becomes full. Thanks to the very nature of how systems work, there are always times when your system’s logging cause...
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Uncovering Network Performance Killers

We’ve been discussing the many things that could be killing your network’s performance – often quietly and without your knowledge. Last time, we covered the value of using the right tools to get network management data that you need. Let’s continue with a discussion of syslog, debug, managing voice...
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Syslog, A Tale Of Specifications

The advantage of a unikernel work cycle is many-fold. You get performance benefits from not having a memory management unit or Kernel/User boundary and the attack surface is greatly minimized as all system dependencies are compiled with your application logic. Don’t use a file-system in your...
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