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The Critical Role of Systems Thinking in Software Development

Software applications exist to serve practical human needs, but they inevitably accumulate undefined and defective behaviors as well. Because software flaws are often left undiscovered until some specific failure forces them to the surface, every software project ships with some degree of...
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Software is Eating the Ops World

One thing I've thought a lot about is how the role of the system administrator is changing. This reflection was prompted by a couple of things: one, I'm a co-chair for talks at one of the longest running system administration conferences, so I should probably think about this kind of thing...
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Companies That Support Linux: CoSoSys

CoSoSys develops data-loss prevention products for computers and mobile devices that access and store sensitive data. The company’s Endpoint Protector 4 features device control to manage Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux machines. Recently, CoSoSys joined The Linux Foundation and released a private...
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