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Micro – A Modern Terminal Based Text Editor with Syntax Highlighting

Micro is a modern, easy-to-use and intuitive cross-platform terminal-based text editor that works on Linux, Windows and MacOS. It is written in GO programming language and designed to utilize the full capabilities of modern Linux terminals. It is intended to replace the well known nano editor by...
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Beginner's Guide to Vim

Vim is the most popular and widely-used editor for Linux. It has thousands of useful features and once you learn Vim, you will use it on a daily basis. One of our previous posts had useful Vim tips and tricks. Because of the popular demand, we wrote a guide to Vim for beginners. We recommend that...
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Useful Vim Editor Plugins for Software Developers - Part 2: Syntastic

There's no doubt that Vim is a capable programming editor out-of-the-box, but it's the editor's plugins that help you make the most out of it. In the first part of this article series, we discussed a couple of programing-related Vim plugins (Tagbar and delimitMate). Continuing on the same path, in...
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Useful Vim editor plugins for software developers - part 1

An improved version of Vi, Vim is unarguably one of the most popular command line-based text editors in Linux. Besides being a feature-rich text editor, Vim is also used as an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) by software developers around the world. What makes Vim really powerful is the...
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