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Linux distros for devs
Jack Wallen looks at some of the best LInux distributions for development efforts.

The 5 Best Linux Distributions for Development

When considering Linux, there are so many variables to take into account. What package manager do you wish to use? Do you prefer a modern or old-standard desktop interface? Is ease of use your priority? How flexible do you want your distribution? What task will the distribution serve? It is that...
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font size
Yes, you can change your Linux console fonts; Carla Schroder shows how.

How to Change Your Linux Console Fonts

I try to be a peaceful soul, but some things make that difficult, like tiny console fonts. Mark my words, friends, someday your eyes will be decrepit and you won't be able to read those tiny fonts you coded into everything, and then you'll be sorry, and I will laugh. Fortunately, Linux fans, you...
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Get Started with Your New Raspberry Pi

Creating amazing projects is easy with a Raspberry Pi, but first you need to plug it in and set up Raspbian, the default operating system. This guide will get you up and running in no time. The Raspberry Pi is a wonderful microcomputer that brims with potential. With a Raspberry Pi you can build ...
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The Resetter tool will take Ubuntu, Linux Mint (and a few other, Ubuntu-based distributions) back to stock configuration. Jack Wallen shows how.

Set Ubuntu Derivatives Back to Default with Resetter

How many times have you dived deep into Ubuntu (or a Ubuntu derivative), configuring things and installing software, only to find that your desktop (or server) platform isn’t exactly what you wanted. This situation can be problematic when you already have all of your user files on the machine. In...
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Linux migration
This article provides an introduction to Linux graphical environments showcasing various options running on different Linux distributions.

Migrating to Linux: Graphical Environments

This is the third article in our series on migrating to Linux. If you missed earlier articles, they provided an introduction to Linux for new users and an overview of Linux files and filesystems. In this article, we’ll discuss graphical environments. One of the advantages of Linux is that you have...
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Jack Wallen rounds up his five favorite Linux music players.

Top 5 Linux Music Players

No matter what you do, chances are you enjoy a bit of music playing in the background. Whether you’re a coder, system administrator, or typical desktop user, enjoying good music might be at the top of your list of things you do on the desktop. And, with the holidays upon us, you might wind up with...
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VM manager
Carla Schroder shows how to set up automatic IP address configuration for unique local addresses.

IPv6 Auto-Configuration in Linux

In Testing IPv6 Networking in KVM: Part 1, we learned about unique local addresses (ULAs). In this article, we will learn how to set up automatic IP address configuration for ULAs. When to Use Unique Local Addresses Unique local addresses use the fd00::/8 address block, and are similar to our old...
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Learn how to work with users, via groups and access control lists in this tutorial.

How to Manage Users with Groups in Linux

When you administer a Linux machine that houses multiple users, there might be times when you need to take more control over those users than the basic user tools offer. This idea comes to the fore especially when you need to manage permissions for certain users. Say, for example, you have a...
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Installation Guide for Collectd and Collectd-Web to Monitor Server Resources in Linux

Collectd, a Unix daemon that collects statistics related to system performance and also provides means for storing the values in different formats like RRD (Round Robin Database) files. The statistics gathered by Collectd help to detect the current performance blocks and predict system load in...
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Photon OS
Jack Wallen says Photon OS is an outstanding platform, geared specifically for containers.

Photon Could Be Your New Favorite Container OS

Containers are all the rage, and with good reason. As discussed previously, containers allow you to quickly and easily deploy new services and applications onto your network, without requiring too much in the way of added system resources. Containers are more cost-effective than using dedicated...
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