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OSLS 2017
"83 percent of women surveyed said they would definitely or probably recommend a tech career for their daughters," reports Darryl Taft in his article covering the "Diversity in OSS" talk at Open Source Leadership Summit. But there are still mountains to climb to achieve true diversity in the industry.

This Week in Open Source News: Diversity Talk at OSLS Reveals Minority Challenges in Tech, ONAP Project Announced & More

This week in open source and Linux news, a talk on diversity in tech sparked a pithy article for The New Stack via Darryl Taft, The Linux Foundation consolidates two projects to form ONAP, and more. Keep reading for a curated look at the top OSS headlines of this past week.  1) "Diversity in Open...
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Idit Levine
Idit Levine, CTO of the Cloud Management Division at Dell EMC, describes the open source unikernel project UniK at CloudNativeCon + KubeCon.

UniK: Isolating Processes and Reducing Complexity

Unikernels aren’t a new concept; the stripped-down, library-specific application machine images have been around for decades.  But unikernels are enjoying a renaissance thanks to cloud computing; they offer major efficiencies in resource use and provide a tiny attack service for nefarious online...
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Debunking Unikernel Criticisms

The security and tooling worries around unikernels are vastly exaggerated, asserted Idit Levine, creator of the Unik, a unikernel compilation tool, as well as a cloud chief technology officer at Dell EMC. A relatively new concept, Unikernels could be thought of as stripped-down containers with only...
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EMC Targets Cloud and IoT with UniK, an Open Source Unikernel Tool

EMC hopes to make unikernels a bigger part of the cloud and Internet of Things (IoT) landscape through its open source UniK orchestration tool, which it unveiled this week.  Unikernels are application images that contain only the bare minimum amount of code necessary to make an application run....
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