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How to Recruit and Hire Open Source Developers

Open source participation continues to rise in the enterprise, driving up demand for experienced open source developers. Finding the right talent is the key to unlocking the powerful benefits of open source development, including faster time to market and greatly reduced development costs. But as...
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How to Build Open Source Competency in Your Company

Businesses today have strong motivation to get more involved in open source communities and collaborative development. According to the Linux Foundation’s 2014 Collaborative Development Trends Report, the benefits of using open source software are now well established. The managers surveyed cited...
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How to Reach and Influence Open Source Developers

More and more companies across diverse industries are discovering the strategic benefits of open source. By using pre-existing open source projects as a base on which to build their own customized products—a practice called external R&D—companies are saving on development costs and getting...
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