Bash shell
The Bash shell is a fundamental Linux tool and, in this era of containers and clusters and microservices, solid system administration skills are as relevant as ever.

Bash Tips for Linux Sysadmins

The Bash shell is a fundamental Linux tool and, in this era of containers and clusters and microservices, good old-fashioned Linux system...
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LFCE Prep Course -- DNS Overview (Part 4)

Start exploring Linux Networking and Administration by downloading the free sample chapter today. Download Now   In this week's LFCE sneak peek blog...
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Find Top 15 Processes by Memory Usage with ‘top’ in Batch Mode

Similarly to the previous tip about find out top processes by RAM and CPU usage, you can also use top command to view the same information. Perhaps...
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Ubuntu on Windows
Canonical developer Dustin Kirkland is a space cowboy on the great Ubuntu-on-Windows frontier.

Howdy, Ubuntu on Windows! Getting Started

So, a few months have passed, and you’ve realized that, wow, you’re not dreaming, and it wasn’t an April Fool’s Joke, but in fact that Ubuntu-on-...
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ServerMania – Discover High Availability Cloud Computing, Powered by OpenStack

Cloud computing is fast growing in the world of computer and Internet technology, many companies, organizations and even individuals are opting for...
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Configuring a Single Ubuntu Installation as a Dual-Boot Option and a VirtualBox Appliance under Windows 10

I often need to use Windows 10 and Ubuntu on the same machine within a single login session, so I run Ubuntu as a virtual machine in Oracle...
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encrypt flash drive
Learn how to encrypt your flash drives with two simple tools and these easy steps from Jack Wallen.

Easily Encrypt your Flash Drives with Linux

If you travel with sensitive data, you know there are always risks that your information could be lost or stolen. Depending on the nature of your...
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Code Optimization: If-Less Programming

I have often encountered code littered with lots of nested if and else statements. I consider it a serious code smell. Deeply nested code, especially...
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Ring is a full-featured, open source communication system that you need to know about.

Why and How to Use Ring Instead of Skype on Linux

I'm fed up with the word "alternative." There, I said it. When you use alternative to refer to an open source application, you are sure to get on my...
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10 Essential Skills for Novice, Junior and Senior SysAdmins

As the world evolves for systems administrators, “Linux is exploding with new ideas and it's a little scary …,” as commenter Mike Tarkowski put it...
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