For users who are new to Linux, Q4OS does an admirable job of being the open source equivalent of Windows XP/7. (Image: Q4OS.org)

Q4OS Makes Linux Easy for Everyone

Modern Linux distributions tend to target a variety of users. Some claim to offer a flavor of the open source platform that anyone can use. And, I’ve...
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Learn how to configure DNS and DHCP, using Dnsmasq in this networking tutorial.

DNS and DHCP with Dnsmasq

Last week, we learned a batch of tips and tricks for Dnsmasq. Today, we're going more in-depth into configuring DNS and DHCP, including entering DHCP...
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Anarchy Linux
Jack Wallen fires up Anarchy Linux, a user-friendly take on Arch Linux.

Arch Anywhere Is Dead, Long Live Anarchy Linux

Arch Anywhere was a distribution aimed at bringing Arch Linux to the masses. Due to a trademark infringement, Arch Anywhere has been completely...
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In this tutorial, Carla Schroder looks at advanced configuration file management, how to test your configurations, and other tips and tricks.

Advanced Dnsmasq Tips and Tricks

Many people know and love Dnsmasq and rely on it for their local name services. Today we look at advanced configuration file management, how to test...
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Learn how to manage both PGP and SSH keys with the Seahorse GUI tool.

How to Manage PGP and SSH Keys with Seahorse

Security is tantamount to peace of mind. After all, security is a big reason why so many users migrated to Linux in the first place. But why stop...
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Learn how to run your own public time server and contribute to an essential public good.

How to Run Your Own Public Time Server on Linux

One of the most important public services is timekeeping, but it doesn't get a lot of attention. Most public time servers are run by volunteers to...
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In the last article of this beginning Docker series, we talk about using and publishing images on DockerHub.

How to Use DockerHub

In the previous articles, we learned the basics of Docker terminology,  how to install Docker on desktop Linux, macOS, and Windows, and how to create...
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Subgraph OS
Jack Wallen says Subgraph is a seriously promising security-focused distro. (Image: courtesy Subgraph OS)

Subgraph: This Security-Focused Distro Is Malware’s Worst Nightmare

By design, Linux is a very secure operating system. In fact, after 20 years of usage, I have personally experienced only one instance where a Linux...
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How to Install Tripwire IDS (Intrusion Detection System) on Linux

Tripwire is a popular Linux Intrusion Detection System (IDS) that runs on systems in order to detect if unauthorized filesystem changes occurred over...
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Learn how to keep your computers synchronized, using NTP and systemd.

Keep Accurate Time on Linux with NTP

How to keep the correct time and keep your computers synchronized without abusing time servers, using NTP and systemd. What Time is It? Linux is...
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