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Getting started with Let's Encrypt SSL...

Samba Server installation on Ubuntu 16.04

Booting into non-graphical mode

How to maintain a “clean” Ubuntu

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Calibre 1.19.0 Published for openSUSE

Bleachbit 1.0 Packaged for openSUSE

Calibre 1.2 Packaged for openSUSE

Calibre 0.8.57 Packaged for openSUSE

open-slx Weekly News 19 published

open-slx Weekly News 18 published

openSUSE Weekly News 192 is out!

openSUSE Weekly News 191 is out!

openSUSE Weekly News 190 is out!

openSUSE Weekly News 189 is out!

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Problem with Sound

list of games

Ahha~ give you some suggestion...

The Distro for KDE?

Click Here!