Persistent Memory Extensions to libstdc++/libc++ by Tomasz Kapela, Intel

Tomasz Kapela of Intel describes the Non-Volatile Memory programming model created by the Storage Networking Industry Association at LinuxCon Europe.
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Keynote: Creative Approaches To Diversity - Katharina Borchert, Chief Innovation Officer, Mozilla

Lack of diversity may be stunting projects' growth potential, said Mozilla's Katharina Borchert at Open Source Leadership Summit.
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Developing Nirvana by Corey A. Butler,

In his talk at Node.js Interactive, Butler said there are two things that stand in the way of achieving a state of development nirvana: one is the time spent coding and thinking about code, and the other is stress.

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Keynote: Building and Motivating Engineering Teams - Camille Fournier, Senior Thinker and Raconteur

Maintaining respect is key to building a successful team, according to Camille Fournier, at the Open Source Leadership Summit in February.


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Keynote: An Exploration of Citrix Delivery Networks by Danny Phillips

Danny Phillips of Citrix discusses NetScaler, an Application Delivery Controller, which is basically a load balancer with some extra features at LinuxCon Europe.


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Making an Amazon Echo Compatible Linux System - Michael E Anderson, The PTR Group, Inc.

Learn how the Amazon Echo interfaces to Amazon Voice Services and how to construct your very own Amazon Echo using an embedded Linux platform. We will explain how the "skills" interface works, the issues with voice recognition, and how to use AVS to perform command recognition to do simple tasks. 

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Growing Up Node by Trevor Livingston, HomeAway

Trevor Livingston, principal architect at HomeAway, offers insight on how to introduce Node into companies at Node.js Interactive.
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