Minijail: Running Untrusted Programs Safely by Jorge Lucangeli Obes, Google

This talk describes Minijail, a sandboxing and containment tool initially developed for Chrome OS and now used across Google, including client platforms (like Android) and server environments (like Chrome’s fuzzing infrastructure ClusterFuzz).

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Keynote: Join or Die! - Stephen O'Grady, Principal Analyst & Cofounder, RedMonk

Open source software is in danger of being beaten at its own game by upstart services that are tightly integrated, less complex, and easier to use, said Stephen O’Grady at ApacheCon North America in May.

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Introduction to OpenStack by Rich Bowen

In this talk, Rich, the OpenStack Community Liaison at Red Hat, will walk you through what OpenStack is, as a project, as a Foundation, and as a community of organizations. 

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DevOps for Pointy-Haired Bosses by Victoria Blessing, Texas A&M University

Victoria Blessing arms you with the basics of selling your boss on something, not only as it relates to DevOps, but in general.

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Highly Available & Distributed Containers by Kendrick Coleman, EMC {code}

Learn how to scale a typical 3-tier app using Swarm, serve a persistent Database with Docker Volume drivers and tie them all together on a single private network with libNetwork. 

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Keynote: Open Source is a Positive-Sum Game - Sam Ramji, CEO, Cloud Foundry Foundation

Sam Ramji wants to get as many people as possible to come and play this amazing positive-sum game that we call open source software.

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The State of Kernel Self Protection Project by Kees Cook, Google

Kees Cook provides a quick overview will be shown of what the Kernel Self-Protection Project is trying to protect Linux against, as well as the state of the art in available technologies.

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