Persistent Memory Usage within Linux Environment by Maciej Maciejewski & Krzysztof Czurylo, Intel

Intel engineer Maciej Maciejewski examines the primary differences between persistent memory, storage devices, and regular DRAM.

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Survey of Open Hardware 2016

John “Warthog” Hawley, Intel’s evangelist for the MinnowBoard SBC, surveyed key open hardware trends at the Embedded Linux Conference Europe.
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Logging for Containers by Eduardo Silva, Treasure Data

Eduardo Silva, a software engineer at Treasure Data, gave a crash course in distributed logging during his keynote at CloudNativeCon last November.
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KEYNOTE Mesos + DCOS, Not Mesos versus DCOS

Ben Hindman, the founder and chief architect of Mesosphere, explains how his team is developing a DC/OS software development kit (SDK) to support the development of sophisticated distributed systems.

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Node.js & ChakraCore by Arunesh Chandra, Microsoft

This talk discusses how Node-ChakraCore is innovating to improve debugging in Node.js with Time-Travel Debugging and helping grow the Node.js ecosystem.

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Verified Boot: From ROM to Userspace

In this talk from Embedded Linux Conference, Marc Kleine-Budde of Pengutronix describes the architecture and strategies of a recently developed verified boot scheme for a single-core, Cortex-A9 NXP i.MX6 running on the RIoTboard SBC.

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Intro to Control Plane Engineering by Bob Wise, Samsung SDS

Large, high-performance and reliable Kubernetes clusters require engineering the control plane components for demands beyond the defaults. This talk covers the relationship between the various components that make up the Kubernetes control plane and how to design and size those components.

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