Keynote: OpenSDS – An Industry-Wide Collaboration for SDS Management

Cameron Bahar, SVP and Global CTO of Huawei Storage, and Steven Tan, Chief Architect at Huawei, launch the project proposal for a new open source initiative called OpenSDS during their LinuxCon Europe keynote.


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Keynote: Brian Behlendorf, Executive Director, Hyperledger Project

Brian Behlendorf, Executive Director of the Hyperledger Project, explains everything you need to know about blockchain, Hyperledger, and other amazing new technologies in his LinuxCon North America keynote.

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Current State of Kernel Audit and Linux Namespaces, Looking Ahead to Containers

Richard Guy Briggs, a kernel security engineer and Senior Software Engineer at Red Hat, spoke about the current state of Kernel Audit and Linux Namespaces at Linux Security Summit. He also shared problems plaguing containers and what might be done to address them soon.

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Keynote: Beyond Measure: The True Power and Skill of Collaboration by Dr. Margaret Heffernan

If your organization is struggling to build teams that work well together, and it feels more like The Hunger Games than a smoothly functioning team, let the tale of the two chicken flocks from Dr. Margaret Heffernan show you the open source way. 

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Keynote: Apache Milagro (incubating) - Brian Spector, CEO & Co-Founder, MIRACL

In this keynote, Brian Spector provides an introduction to Apache Milagro, which enables a post-PKI Internet that provides stronger IoT and Mobile security while offering independence from monolithic third-party trust authorities. 


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Versions All the Way Down: Versioning Commits and Patches with Git-Series by Josh Triplett, Intel

Josh Triplett describes a new tool, git-series, to track both a patch series and its evolution within the same git repository. git-series works entirely with existing git features, pushes and pulls to any git repository, and tracks a cover letter to accompany the series.

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Minijail: Running Untrusted Programs Safely by Jorge Lucangeli Obes, Google

This talk describes Minijail, a sandboxing and containment tool initially developed for Chrome OS and now used across Google, including client platforms (like Android) and server environments (like Chrome’s fuzzing infrastructure ClusterFuzz).

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