Keynote: Making Data Accessible - Ashish Thusoo, Co-founder & CEO, Qubole

In this keynote, Ashish Thusoo, CEO and co-founder of Qubole, will discuss how cloud platforms can offer the elasticity, automation and access planes to alleviate these issues and provide a more accessible data platform.  Additionally, despite a new class of user-friendly tools, there is still a gap between a company’s ability to make data accessible throughout throughout the organization. To truly bridge this gap, Ashish will offer strategies on how developers can take a verticalized approach to building applications on top of data so that users can benefit from easy-to-use visualizations and other tools.

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IoTivity 2.0 by Vijay Kesavan

Release 2.0 of IoTivity is expected in the latter part of 2016, and this talk will preview some of the features and design updates to IoTivity that are being considered. Features under consideration will enable support for applications in the industrial, automotive, and health sectors. Additional features that enhance cloud technologies and services such as notifications and easy setup will also be discussed.

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Keynote: Apache OpenTech is Fueling Tomorrow's Game Changing Innovations - Todd Moore

When IBM got involved with the Linux open source project in 1998, they were betting that giving their code and time to the community would be a worthwhile investment. Now, 18 years later, IBM is more involved than ever, with more than 62,000 employees trained and expected to contribute to open source projects, according to Todd Moore, Vice President of Open Technology at IBM, speaking at ApacheCon in May.

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Securing Embedded Linux by Michael E. Anderson

In this session from the Embedded Linux Conference, Mike Anderson discusses several techniques for improving the robustness of our platforms and hardening them against the myriad of bad actors lurking on the Internet.

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Apache Hadoop at 10 - Doug Cutting, Chief Architect, Cloudera

Hadoop was born into a world begging to better utilize data, says project co-founder Doug Cutting, in this keynote presentation from Apache: Big Data North America 2016.


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Hardware Design for Linux Engineers by Grant Likely

At the Embedded Linux Conference, Grant Likely -- who is a Linux kernel engineer, and maintainer of the Linux Device Tree subsystem used by many embedded systems -- described his embedded hardware journey in a presentation called “Hardware Design for Linux Engineers” -- or as he put it, “explaining stuff I only learned six months ago.”

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Linux Kernel Development - Greg Kroah-Hartman

Kroah-Hartman presented this talk to Google's Kubernetes development team. Kubernetes is also undergoing rapid growth, and Kroah-Hartman draws on his extensive experience to provide tips on how to manage such a high-velocity project.

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