Keynote: Redefining the Tech that Powers Travel - Rashesh Jethi, Amadeus

Rashesh Jethi, SVP Engineering at Amadeus, describes the company’s journey to build their platform as a service layer.


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Linux You Can Drive My Car - Walt Miner, Linux Foundation

At the recent Embedded Linux Conference, Walt Miner provided an AGL update and summarized AGL’s Yocto Project based Unified Code Base (UCB) for automotive infotainment.

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Surviving in the Wilderness: Integrity Protection and System Update - Patrick Ohly, Intel GmbH

Patrick Ohly, a software engineer at Intel, discusses integrity protection schemes and system update mechanisms at the recent Embedded Linux Conference.

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Keynote: Disruptive Collaboration – The Next Generation of Network Software - John Donovan

Watch the video of this Open Networking Summit keynote to get more details about AT&T’s approach to using software and hardware to evolve their network.

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Keynote: Make SDN Real - Martin Casado, General Partner, Andreessen Horowitz

Networking is less about computation and more about distributed state management, said Martin Casado, General Partner, Andreessen Horowitz, in his keynote at Open Networking Summit, describing the evolution of SDN. 

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War Story: Using Zephyr Project to Develop a Wearable Device - Fabien Parent, BayLibre

Fabien Parent and Neil Armstrong of BayLibre shared their experiences in developing a wearable device with Zephyr at Embedded Linux Conference.

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Embedded Linux Size Reduction Techniques - Michael Opdenacker, Free Electrons

Free Electrons’ Michael Opdenacker summed up the latest kernel shrinkage schemes as well as future possibilities at the Embedded Linux Conference.

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