Finagle, linkerd, and Apache Mesos: Magical Operability Sprinkles for Microservices

Finagle and Mesos are two core technologies used by Twitter and many other companies to scale application infrastructure to high traffic workloads. This talk describes how these two technologies work together to form applications that are both highly scalable and resilient to failure.

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Keynote: More Fun, Less Friction: How Open Source Operations Will Take Big Data to the Next Level

Solving operational difficulties with a modular, easy-to-use system was the solution Mark Shuttleworth laid out in his keynote entitled “More Fun, Less Friction” at Apache Big Data in Vancouver in May.

“If we take the friction out, we can unleash all sorts of creativity,” Shuttleworth said.  

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Automating your Home with Home Assistant: Python’s Answer to the Internet of Things

 Paulus Schoutsen created Home Assistant in 2013 “as a simple script to turn on the lights when the sun was setting,” as he told attendees of his recent Embedded Linux Conference and OpenIoT Summit presentation, “Automating your Home with Home Assistant: Python’s Answer to the Internet of Things.”

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How to Stand Up a 600 Node Bare Metal Mesos Cluster in Two Weeks - Craig Neth, Verizon Labs

In this talk, Craig Neth (Distinguished Member of Technical Staff at Verizon) will describe his experiences in bringing up a 600 node Mesos cluster - from power on to running tasks in 14 days.

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Keynote: Verizon Calls Mesos

As data services change the way the world does business, Verizon Labs has built a platform designed around the Mesos open source system that enables the robust development of micro services for a variety of products and services. This presentation from MesosCon will use a real world example of how Verizon Lab's Mesos-based platform integrates with America's most reliable wireless network to transform how Verizon builds and delivers new services. 

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A Shared History & Mission with The Linux Foundation: Todd Moore, IBM

IBM is no stranger to open source software. In fact, the global corporation has been involved with The Linux Foundation since the beginning. Founded over a century ago, IBM has made a perennial commitment to innovation and emerging technology; That's why they chose to participate in Linux Foundation Collaborative Projects.

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IoT Consensus - A Solution Suggestion to the 'Baskets of Remote' Problem by Benedikt Herudek

Bitcoin is able to integrate and have endpoints (in Bitcoin terminology ‘wallets’ and ‘miners’) seamlessly talk to each other in a large and dynamic network. Devices and their protocols do not have the ability to seamlessly communicate with other devices. This presentation will try to show where Bitcoin and the underlying Blockchain and Consenus Technology can offer an innovative approach to integrating members of a large and dynamic network.

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