A Shared History & Mission with The Linux Foundation: Todd Moore, IBM

IBM is no stranger to open source software. In fact, the global corporation has been involved with The Linux Foundation since the beginning. Founded over a century ago, IBM has made a perennial commitment to innovation and emerging technology; That's why they chose to participate in Linux Foundation Collaborative Projects.

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IoT Consensus - A Solution Suggestion to the 'Baskets of Remote' Problem by Benedikt Herudek

Bitcoin is able to integrate and have endpoints (in Bitcoin terminology ‘wallets’ and ‘miners’) seamlessly talk to each other in a large and dynamic network. Devices and their protocols do not have the ability to seamlessly communicate with other devices. This presentation will try to show where Bitcoin and the underlying Blockchain and Consenus Technology can offer an innovative approach to integrating members of a large and dynamic network.

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Migrating 200+ Load Balancers into Apache Mesos - Stephen Salinas, HubSpot

Stephen Salinas discusses some of the benefits of their Mesos-based dynamic load-balancer system: "We condensed I think it was about 225 was the highest limit of that down to less than 10 servers, saving us about 24 grand a month in server costs, which was a pretty cool thing. ..."

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Efficient Usage of Apache Mesos using Container Hibernation - Kamalakannan Muralidharan, Paypal

In his MesosCon presentation, Kamalakannan Muralidharan discusses the flexibility and agility that is possible with Mesos: "Even though Mesos is good at handling a cluster, somebody has to provision and make it available for Mesos to use the cluster. ..."

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How We Built a Chargeback System for Twitter’s Compute Platform (Mesos/Aurora)

Twitter's compute platform manages thousands of containers across thousands of hosts. But they had no way of knowing if containers were sized properly and using hardware efficiently, couldn't tell who owned which containers and services, and couldn't track resource use by container. Micheal Benedict and Jeyappragash Jeyakeerthi (JJ for short) built their Chargeback system on Mesos to answer these questions.

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Running Cassandra on Apache Mesos Across Multiple Datacenters at Uber

Dr. Abhishek Verma, first author of the Google Borg Paper, describes using the Apache Cassandra database and Apache Mesos to build a fluid, efficient cluster of geographically diverse datacenters. 

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ODPi 101: Who We Are, What We Do and Don't Do - Alan Gates, Co-founder, Hortonworks

According to Alan Gates, co-founder of Hortonworks and ODPi member, the Open Data Platform initiative (ODPi) is here to create a single test specification that works across all Hadoop distributions so developers can get back to creating innovative applications and end users can get back to making money, or curing cancer, or sending people into space.

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