DevOps Fundamentals (LFS261) Chapter 1 - Habits of High Performance Organizations

The DevOps Fundamentals course is written and presented by John Willis. Access all the free sample chapter videos now! 

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DevOps Fundamentals (LFS261) Chapter 1 - Continuous Delivery Overview

The DevOps Fundamentals course is written and presented by John Willis. Watch the sample videos here.

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Keynote: Cloud Native Networking- Amin Vahdat, Fellow & Technical Lead For Networking, Google

Amin Vahdat, Fellow & Technical Lead For Networking at Google, talks about networking challenges we'll face over the next decade at Open Networking Summit.

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Voice-Controlled Home Automation from Scratch Using IBM Watson, Docker, IFTTT, and Serverless

At the recent Embedded Linux Conference, IBM IoT/Mobile software engineer Kalonji Bankole and IBM Cloud & Watson developer Prashant Khanal detailed Big Blue’s spin on serverless, called IBM Bluemix OpenWhisk

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Enlightenment Foundation Libraries - Case Studies of Optimizing for Wearable Devices - Cedric Bail

Cedric Bail, a long-time contributor to the Enlightenment project who works on EFL integration with Tizen at Samsung Open Source Group, discussed some of the lessons learned in optimizing wearable apps for low battery, memory, and CPU usage.

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Keynote: Redefining the Tech that Powers Travel - Rashesh Jethi, Amadeus

Rashesh Jethi, SVP Engineering at Amadeus, describes the company’s journey to build their platform as a service layer.


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Linux You Can Drive My Car - Walt Miner, Linux Foundation

At the recent Embedded Linux Conference, Walt Miner provided an AGL update and summarized AGL’s Yocto Project based Unified Code Base (UCB) for automotive infotainment.

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