How to Fight and Beat Patent Trolls (and Why We Do It) by Lee Cheng

In his talk at Collaboration Summit, Newegg’s chief legal officer Lee Cheng describes the work Newegg is doing to fight patent trolls and frivolous lawsuits.

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Keynote: How Enterprises are Leveraging Open Source Analytics Platforms

In this Keynote, Luciano Resende, Architect, Spark Technology Center at IBM, will showcase Open source Analytic platforms.  Luciano will also discuss how they are being leveraged by different organizations to upend their competition, as well as enable new use cases.

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Building a Next Generation Mobile Network Using Open Technologies

“We need to transition the current telco infrastructure into more of a datacenter infrastructure with wireless connectivity at the end so introduction of new services becomes more agile and faster with new services” said Kang-Won Lee, Senior Vice President of R&D, SK Telecom at the Open Networking Summit 2016

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Turning Sensors into Signals: Humanizing IoT with Old Smartphones and the Web by Dietrich Ayala

People are already tired of the over-promise of IoT - the slew of marginally useful products, the overly confusing and crowded developer space, and endless examples of how to turn an LED on and off. Take a break, step back from the crowd, and come learn how to solve real human problems with that old phone that's collecting dust on your shelf.

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How Netflix Leverages Big Data - Brian Sullivan, Director of Streaming Analytics, Netflix

Netflix is the world's leading internet television network. That didn't happen by accident or simple fortune - we are data-driven as part of our culture, and have built the tools needed to navigate the unchartered waters of delivering internet video at scale and becoming the first truly global storyteller in movies and television.

Brian Sullivan is the Director of the Streaming Data Science and Engineering team at Netflix, the world’s leading Internet television network. His team builds analytic systems and delivers insight into the streaming activity across hundreds of client devices, world-class server systems and content delivery networks to serve up a third of peak internet traffic in North America. Brian’s prior experience spans the analytic stack from software engineering, data architecture, reporting/visualization and analysis. He has also worked across a number of domains including virtual worlds, banking, retail, automobile traffic measurement and fingerprint recognition systems.

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ODPi and ASF: Building a Stronger Hadoop Ecosystem - John Mertic

ODPi Director of Program Management, John Mertic, explains how the work of the ODPi complements and supports that of the ASF. Since ODPi’s launch in 2015, there has been some confusion around how its work may overlap, or potentially compete, with that of the ASF. Mertic will detail how the ODPi’s specifications and by-laws reinforce the role of the ASF as the singular place where Hadoop development occurs. He will also explain how the ODPi’s focus on the downstream Hadoop ecosystem oxygenates the Big Data market and stimulates growth.


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Spark 2.0 - Ion Stoica, Co-founder & Executive Chairman, Databricks

Ion Stoica, the founder of Databricks and keynote speaker at Apache Big Data in Vancouver, discusses the Spark 2.0 release, which has at least three robust new features.

“Spark 2.0 is about taking what has worked and what we have learned from the users and making it even better,” Stoica said.

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