Keynote: The Double Helix of Open Source Software & Companies by Stormy Peters

Watch Stormy Peters describe how the interactions between companies and open source software communities influence our culture, in this keynote from LinuxCon Europe 2016.

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What If Mesos Metrics Collection Was a Snap?

This talk covers the basics of Mesos metrics collection, introduces Snap -- a powerful, open source telemetry framework for modern infrastructures -- as well as an open source plugin for Snap developed specifically to collect Mesos cluster metrics.

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Keynote: Community Software Powers the Machine by Mark Atwood

HPE's Mark Atwood describes some parallels between how open source software is developed and the science fiction community. 


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Leveraging Role Quotas to Guarantee and Limit Resource Allocations

Learn how to effectively use role quotas in an Apache Mesos-based cluster today and in upcoming releases.

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Persistent Memory Usage within Linux Environment by Maciej Maciejewski & Krzysztof Czurylo, Intel

Intel engineer Maciej Maciejewski examines the primary differences between persistent memory, storage devices, and regular DRAM.

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Survey of Open Hardware 2016

John “Warthog” Hawley, Intel’s evangelist for the MinnowBoard SBC, surveyed key open hardware trends at the Embedded Linux Conference Europe.
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Logging for Containers by Eduardo Silva, Treasure Data

Eduardo Silva, a software engineer at Treasure Data, gave a crash course in distributed logging during his keynote at CloudNativeCon last November.
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