Keynote: Building and Motivating Engineering Teams - Camille Fournier, Senior Thinker and Raconteur

Maintaining respect is key to building a successful team, according to Camille Fournier, at the Open Source Leadership Summit in February.


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Keynote: An Exploration of Citrix Delivery Networks by Danny Phillips

Danny Phillips of Citrix discusses NetScaler, an Application Delivery Controller, which is basically a load balancer with some extra features at LinuxCon Europe.


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Making an Amazon Echo Compatible Linux System - Michael E Anderson, The PTR Group, Inc.

Learn how the Amazon Echo interfaces to Amazon Voice Services and how to construct your very own Amazon Echo using an embedded Linux platform. We will explain how the "skills" interface works, the issues with voice recognition, and how to use AVS to perform command recognition to do simple tasks. 

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Growing Up Node by Trevor Livingston, HomeAway

Trevor Livingston, principal architect at HomeAway, offers insight on how to introduce Node into companies at Node.js Interactive.
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Keynote: State of Blockchain - Christopher Ferris, Distinguished Engineer

The Hyperledger project has come a long way in making the innovative blockchain technology used in Bitcoin a viable option for secure business transactions; hear more from Christopher Ferris in this keynote at the Open Source Leadership Summit.

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Keynote: The Double Helix of Open Source Software & Companies by Stormy Peters

Watch Stormy Peters describe how the interactions between companies and open source software communities influence our culture, in this keynote from LinuxCon Europe 2016.

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What If Mesos Metrics Collection Was a Snap?

This talk covers the basics of Mesos metrics collection, introduces Snap -- a powerful, open source telemetry framework for modern infrastructures -- as well as an open source plugin for Snap developed specifically to collect Mesos cluster metrics.

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