Keynote: Breaking Barriers: Creatively and Courageously

Greenlight for Girls is an international organization dedicated to inspiring girls of all ages and backgrounds by demonstrating just how fun and interactive STEM can be.  The Greenlight for Girls team tells the story of how an initiative can grow from one email to a global organization in a few short years by breaking barriers, creatively and courageously.

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Keynote: Fujitsu's Open Source Journey - From Consumer to Apprentice Contributor

About a year ago, Fujitsu created the Open Service Catalog Manager (OSCM), their first full software project contribution to the open source space. Wolfgang Ries describes the journey to this milestone.



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Tilling the Brownfield: A Container Story by Richard Marshall, IAC Publishing Labs

Richard Marshall of IAC Publishing Labs describes's adventures in navigating two decades of legacy infrastructure on the way to living the container native dream, in his presentation from LinuxCon North America.

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Keynote: Blurring the Lines: The Continuum Between Containers and VMs

Graham Whaley, Sr. Software Engineer at Intel, says there is a continuum of features and benefits across the container/VM spectrum, and you should be able to choose which point on that continuum best suits you.

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How We Built a Metering & Chargeback System to Incentivize Higher Resource Utilization -Michael Benedict & Vinu Charanya, Twitter

This talk by Vinu Charanya and Michael Benedict at LinuxCon North America goes into fascinating detail on the metering and chargeback system Twitter engineers built to solve this problem, using both a technical and social approach.


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Keynote: Collaboration Beyond Code by Jilayne Lovejoy, Principal Open Source Counsel, ARM

Jilayne Lovejoy, Principal Open Source Counsel at ARM talks about collaboration beyond code with the OpenChain project at LinuxCon Europe.

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Linux Administration in Distributed Cloud Computing Environments by Robert Shimp, Oracle

Watch Robert Shimp's talk to learn what is happening on the bleeding edge of computing, some of the tools and architecture already being developed, and a lot of fascinating details on what the future looks like.

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