Verified Boot: From ROM to Userspace

In this talk from Embedded Linux Conference, Marc Kleine-Budde of Pengutronix describes the architecture and strategies of a recently developed verified boot scheme for a single-core, Cortex-A9 NXP i.MX6 running on the RIoTboard SBC.

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Intro to Control Plane Engineering by Bob Wise, Samsung SDS

Large, high-performance and reliable Kubernetes clusters require engineering the control plane components for demands beyond the defaults. This talk covers the relationship between the various components that make up the Kubernetes control plane and how to design and size those components.

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NorNet -- Building an Inter-Continental Internet Testbed Based on Open Source Software

Thomas Dreibholz, Senior Research Engineer at Simula Research Laboratory, describes how his team is using open source software to build NorNet  -- an inter-continental Internet testbed for a variety of networked applications.

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It's Complicated, Okay (or Let's Talk Openly about Mesos' OSS Neighbors, Friends, and Rivals)

Aaron Williams, Head of Advocacy and DC/OS at Mesosphere, discusses the characteristics of what makes some solutions work well with Mesos and calls out the projects that don't meet the standard.


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Introduction to Realtime Linux

Jan Altenberg gives an overview of the history of realtime Linux, the different approaches, and the advantages of the PREEMPT_RT patch in comparison to other approaches.


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Keynote: OpenTracing and Containers: Depth, Breadth, and the Future of Tracing - Ben Sigelman

Ben Sigelman shows how OpenTracing can deliver zero-touch, black-box instrumentation of distributed applications via orchestration systems like Kubernetes, and why that could change the way we all reason about distributed computation.


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Running Linux on Tiny Peripherals by Marcel Holtmann, Intel

Recently, Marcel Holtmann from Intel began looking at the challenge of shrinking Linux to run on small, IoT devices as a hobby project, and at LinuxCon Europe, he presented what he’s learned about how to run Linux on tiny peripherals.

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