OpenSSL After Heartbleed by Rich Salz & Tim Hudson, OpenSSL

In this video from LinuxCon Europe, Rich Salz and Tim Hudson from the OpenSSL team take a deep dive into what happened with Heartbleed and the steps the OpenSSL team are taking to improve the project.


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Thwarting Unknown Bugs: Hardening Features in the Mainline Linux Kernel

This presentation by kernel developer Mark Rutland at Embedded Linux Conference will cover hardening features available in the mainline Linux kernel, what they protect against, and their limitations.


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From 1 to N Docker Hosts: Getting Started with Docker Clustering

In this presentation, Mike Goelzer will describe how Docker Clustering is evolving and what it means for developers and ops who need to orchestrate multi-container Applications. You will  also see a live demo of Docker clustering and how it can be used to deploy and manage a microservice-style.

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Explain Yourself! Documentation for Better Code by Chris Ward, Crate.IO

 In this talk from LinuxCon Europe, Chris Ward provided a crash course on ways to make documentation for your projects better.

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Ceph and Flash by Allen Samuels, Western Digital

This presentation will examine the history and current best-practices for deploying flash with Ceph. Future developments in the Ceph platform and their impact on flash deployments will also be described.

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Paradigm Shift in CI at PayPal with Docker and Mesos by Manivannan Selvaraj, PayPal

This talk will be about how PayPal adopted open source tools Docker, Mesos, Jenkins and Aurora to build a scalable, highly available CI solution for PayPal which resulted in a Paradigm shift compared to the conventional VM based model.

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Keynote: VM Security and Container Workflows, A Case Study by Brandon Philips, CTO, CoreOS

There are many great duos: peanut butter & jelly, movies & popcorn, Batman & Robin. Brandon Philips explores a new emerging one: containers and virtual machines. And how this combination will enable new performant multi-tenant systems.


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