Using Mesos to Drive Devops Adoption at Scale at GSShop

Vivek Juneja of GS Shop's Container Platform Team, at MesosCon Asia 2016, shares how he and his team moved to a new agile way of running the datacenter.


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Hitchhiker's Guide to"'Serverless" Javascript by Steven Faulkner, Bustle

This talk from Node.js Interactive provides concrete knowledge of what going serverless really means, so you can decide if it makes sense for your own infrastructure.

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Automated Testing Laboratory for Embedded Linux Distributions

Paweł Wieczorek describes how he and his colleagues at the Samsung R&D Institute Poland developed an Automated Testing Laboratory to streamline testing of Tizen Common on community-backed SBCs at ELC.

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Unik: Unikernel Runtime for Kubernetes by Idit Levine, EMC

Idit Levine, CTO of the Cloud Management Division at Dell EMC, presented the open source project UniK and announced new features to make unikernel creation more attractive and viable, both for cloud computing and Internet of Things devices.

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IPv6 for Server Admins and Client Developers by Thiago Macieira, Intel

Thiago Macieira from the Intel Open Source Technology Center began his talk at LinuxCon Europe by saying many people have not yet made the switch to IPv6, so his talk contained a brief introduction to IPv6 and some of the differences compared to IPv4. 

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Lessons Learned Running IBM Watson on Mesos

This talk will share the key lessons learned through the deployment of cognitive workloads on Mesos and related technologies, including challenges scaling, monitoring, security, cognitive/batch computing support, GPUs, and more. 

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Serverless Front-End Deployments Using npm - Charlie Robbins, GoDaddy

Charlie Robbins of GoDaddy discusses some challenges in Node.js for automating builds of front-end packages.

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