Running an Undersea, Robotic Laboratory on a Fixed Energy Budget - Brent Roman

Brent Roman describes the Environmental Sampler Processor (ESP),  which performs a variety of chemical and genetic assays on samples it takes directly from its position moored 2 to 30 meters underwater. This Linux controlled "lab in a can" was developed to identify health hazards, such as toxic algae blooms, in hours rather than days or weeks. 

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Compiling to Containers by Brendan Burns, Microsoft

In this talk, Brendan Burns shows how a general purpose programming language (in this case JavaScript) can be used to write programs that compile to a distributed system of containers that is then deployed onto Docker containers.

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The World of 100G Networking by Christoph Lameter

The idea of 100G networking is becoming feasible and cost effective. This talk gives an overview about the competing technologies in terms of technological differences and capabilities and then discusses the challenges of using various kernel interfaces to communicate at these high speeds.

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Multi Cloud Mesos at Adobe

In this presentation Frans van Rooyen will share with you the journey the Adobe digital marketing team went on as his team was tasked with building out Mesos in both public and private clouds. 

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Long-Term Maintenance, or How to (Mis-)Manage Embedded Systems for 10+ Years

In this presentation, kernel hacker Jan Lübbe will explain why apparently reasonable approaches to long-term maintenance fail and how to establish a sustainable workflow instead.

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Lightning Talk - Realizing the Multi-Cloud Promise of Kubernetes by Blake White, The Walt Disney Co.

Disney's diverse business units and applications require running in multiple cloud environments. This talk will touch on some of the tools and techniques used to realize the cross cloud promise, as well as some of the challenges and their solutions.


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OpenStack Swift by Christian Schwede, Red Hat

In his LinuxCon Europe talk, Christian Schwede from Red Hat talked about how Swift is deployed at large enterprise companies with many of these deployments operating on a scale of multiple petabytes.

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