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PacVim – A CLI Game To Learn Vim Commands

Howdy, Vim users! Today, I stumbled upon a cool utility to sharpen your Vim usage skills. Vim is a great editor to write and edit code. However, some of you (including me) are still struggling with the steep learning curve. Not anymore! Meet PacVim, a CLI game that helps you to learn Vim commands....
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Vim is so flexible you can make it do just about anything with a minimum number of keystrokes.

An Introduction to Vim for Sysadmins

Why, you ask, should anyone care about Vim? It's complex, it's so old it's a fossil, and you like Kate/Leafpad/Geany/Gedit/Nano/Jed/Lime/Emacs/what-have-you, and the Linux world is cram-full of great text editors, so why bother with Vim? The main reason it is included in nearly all Linux...
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Working with Vi/Vim Editor: Advanced Concepts

Earlier we have discussed some basics about VI/VIM editor but VI & VIM are both very powerful editors and there are many other functionalities that can be used with these editors. In this tutorial, we are going to learn some advanced uses of VI/VIM editor. To open multiple files, command would...
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Managing Vim Plugins

We look at some tools that can help take the pain out of managing plugins. The Vim text editor [1] is one of the most popular pieces of free software ever written. Since its first release in 1991, Vim has become available for all major operating systems. It is installed by default on most Linux...
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How to Restore Deleted /tmp Directory in Linux

The /tmp directory contains mostly files that are required temporarily, it is used by different programs to create lock files and for temporary storage of data. Many of these files are important for currently running programs and deleting them may result in a system crash. On all if not most Linux...
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Carla Schroder shows how to create custom keystrokes, perform text searches, and do other useful things with vim.

Vim Shortcuts and Text Searches

In our previous Vim how-to, An Introduction to Vim for Sysadmins, we learned enough about using Vim to bang around in short text files and get something done. Now we're moving on to some of Vim's excellent power tools: abbreviations (autotext), mapping hotkeys, and text searches. Abbreviations Vim'...
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text editing
This tutorial shows how to use nano and vim to write, edit, and manage your Linux configuration files, scripts, and more.

An Introduction to Text Editors -- Get to Know nano and vim

At some point in your Linux administration career, you are going to edit a configuration file, write a Bash script, code, take a note, or any given task associated with text editors. When you do, you will turn to one of the popular text editors available to the Linux platform. vim nano These...
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Beginner's Guide to Vim

Vim is the most popular and widely-used editor for Linux. It has thousands of useful features and once you learn Vim, you will use it on a daily basis. One of our previous posts had useful Vim tips and tricks. Because of the popular demand, we wrote a guide to Vim for beginners. We recommend that...
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Vim Tips and Tricks That You Probably Never Heard Of

The most common file editor in Linux is Vim. Even if there is no other editor installed in the system, you can still use it in its most basic form, Vi and Vim are similar in many ways, with the exception that Vim (VI IMproved) was later developed and adjusted to the more modern Linux systems. The...
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Useful Vim Editor Plugins for Software Developers - Part 2: Syntastic

There's no doubt that Vim is a capable programming editor out-of-the-box, but it's the editor's plugins that help you make the most out of it. In the first part of this article series, we discussed a couple of programing-related Vim plugins (Tagbar and delimitMate). Continuing on the same path, in...
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