Using Git

An Introduction to Using Git

If you’re a developer, then you know your way around development tools. You’ve spent years studying one or more programming languages and have perfected your...
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Yan Vugenfirer

Using Linux Containers to Manage Embedded Build Environments

Linux container technology has been proposed by companies like as a simpler and more secure way to deploy embedded devices. And, Daynix Computing has...
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Building Containers with HPC Container Maker

Containers package entire workflows, including software, libraries, and even data, into a single file. The container can then be run on any compatible hardware...
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How to Give IT Project Estimates—And When Not to Estimate at All

Everyone wants to know how long a project will take. Here’s how to provide managers with a prediction that’s both accurate and imprecise, using cycle time and...
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Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is in the midst of an undeniable surge in popularity, and enterprises are becoming particularly interested in a form of AI known...
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10 Key Attributes of Cloud-Native Applications

Cloud native is a term used to describe container-based environments. Cloud-native technologies are used to develop applications built with services packaged...
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grep tutorial

Finding Interesting Documents with grep

Learn the basics of grep with this tutorial from our archives. The grep command is a very powerful way to find documents on your computer. You can use grep to...
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