grep tutorial

Finding Interesting Documents with grep

Learn the basics of grep with this tutorial from our archives. The grep command is a very powerful way to find documents on your computer. You can use grep to...
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Doing Good Data Science

There has been a lot of healthy discussion about data ethics lately. We want to be clear: that discussion is good, and necessary. But it’s also not the biggest...
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machine learning

Machine Learning: A Micro Primer with a Lawyer’s Perspective

What Is Machine Learning I am partial towards this definition by Nvidia: “Machine Learning at its most basic is the practice of using algorithms to parse data...
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How to See What's Going on With Your Linux System Right Now

Is that service still running? What application is using that TCP port? These questions and more can be answered easily by sysadmins who know simple Linux...
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Optimized Clear Linux Kernel Now Available for Fedora 28 and Fedora Rawhide

A recent devel list discussion for popular Linux distro Fedora mentioned Clear Linux optimizations, which may be relevant to Fedora developers in the future....
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Linux: The New Frontier of Enterprise in the Cloud

Everyone from developer teams, to operations, to managers of virtual machines needs to know Linux, said Red Hat's Brian Gracely. TechRepublic's Dan Patterson...
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open source summit

Greg Kroah-Hartman on Linux, Security, and Making Connections at Open Source Summit

People might not think about the Linux kernel all that much when talking about containers, serverless, and other hot technologies, but none of them would be...
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