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A Request for Help from a Linux Community Member in Nepal

Amanda McPherson | Saturday May 2, 2015 12:29:50 AM | Featured Blogs | Exclusive
A Request for Help from a Linux Community Member in Nepal At the Linux Foundation we focus many of our programs on personalizing and connecting the talented network of Linux developers and users in all corners of the globe. Everyday we are witness to the Linux community innovating irrespective of geographic boundary; that is why this week we were moved by an email we received from one of our community asking for help. Read more...

When Official Debian Support Ends, Who Will Save You?

LinuxJournal | Friday May 1, 2015 03:22:26 PM | Software
When Official Debian Support Ends, Who Will Save You? With a new version of Debian recently released, it's an exciting time for users who long for newer applications and cutting-edge features. But for some users, the new release is a cause for concern.  Read more...

Understanding Tizen Programming

Administrator | Friday May 1, 2015 03:20:31 PM | Embedded / Mobile
Tizen Experts: Tizen has been in development for several years now and we are proud to have products in the marketplace in the form of Smart watches, a Smart Phone, Smart TV and Smart Cameras. This is a great opportunity for application and game developers to explore a new ecosystem. Read more...

​Why Open-Source OpenStack Costs Can Edge Above Proprietary Cloud

ZDNet | Friday May 1, 2015 02:28:52 PM | Enterprise Computing
Shortages of skilled OpenStack engineers can help price the open-source technology higher than proprietary equivalents, new research suggests. Read more...

Lucid Sleep Support Is Being Worked On For The Upstream Linux Kernel

Phoronix | Friday May 1, 2015 02:12:16 PM | Software
Chrome OS supports "Lucid Sleep", which is a mode of allowing the system to carry out various tasks while the system is in a low-power mode or even suspended, and similar to Microsoft InstantGo. This feature, which allows for tasks like checking of new emails or instant messages while the... Read more...

Improvements On The Way For GNOME's Nautilus File Manager

Phoronix | Friday May 1, 2015 01:53:33 PM | Software
GNOME 3.18 is shaping up to be another super exciting GNOME 3 update. Aside from GTK+ improvements, better Wayland support, and various other additions being worked on for GNOME 3.18, there's also significant improvements planned for the Nautilus file manager... Read more...

Wine 1.7.42 Implements More Of Direct2D

Phoronix | Friday May 1, 2015 01:37:26 PM | Software
Wine 1.7.42 was released this morning as the latest bi-weekly Wine development release... Read more...

Fedora 22 Beta Now Available For AArch64 & POWER

Phoronix | Friday May 1, 2015 12:54:21 PM | Software
Last week Fedora 22 beta was released for the primary architectures while out now are the spins for the alternative architectures: 64-bit ARM (AArch64) and POWER... Read more...

Using ARM Chips and Linux, Barcelona Center Dreams of Being 'Airbus of Supercomputing'

ZDNet | Friday May 1, 2015 10:48:04 AM | Enterprise Computing
A chapel in the heart of Barcelona Univesity is home to one of Europe's most powerful supercomputers - and a mobile chip-based successor is under development. Read more...

Inside the Guts of Nano Server, Microsoft's Tiny New Cloud OS

The Register | Friday May 1, 2015 10:02:47 AM | Enterprise Computing
Engineers from Microsoft's Windows Server team took the stage at the Build developer conference in San Francisco this week to share more details on Nano Server, the upcoming micro-sized version of the OS aimed at cloud deployments.…... Read more...


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