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  • Sujith Radhakrishnan Said:

    I don't know whether it's crazy or not but I would like to design a Linux operating system in my own way.

  • nick Said:

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  • welltao Said:

  • 3milondcunning Said:

    I contacted HP with a printer problem. They said they could not help me, saying I needed to contact linux. Can someone please help me.

  • akram Said:

    hi there. just wanna share an idea. i was wondering if ur OSes have paging files? if it does, then did u set it to utillize the ssd part of those hybrid hard drives for paging bcause it's faster. maybe something along the lines of windows' memory boost where u can use a usb drive to simulate extra RAM? just a thought.

  • Mick Said:

    i need help I have down loaded Distro Astro and I am trying to connect a USB to rs232 but can not find a driver, I am fairly new to this tried on line but out of my ability PLEASE HELP

  • Jimbob Jangles Said:

    This shit sucks I'm going on Ubuntu.

  • mrk Said:

    I have a question if any one has an answer to ? Do some one know of a program I can down load on my done to scan all types of Barcode scanners , what I am looking to do is print my own Barcode and then scan it from my phone to see how my information is layer out and see the way the codes has been layer out . Example I print out ten bar codes and each one has different information on it thank u

  • Mohammad Said:

    Hi Guys the elementary os is fast and beautiful and have style for itself , please don't give up on it and get more attention to it , because with more and needed future it can be revolutionary . Thanks

  • blhbaker Said:

    who do you talk to when your having a problem with thunderbird. not recieving mail since 7-30-15

  • Ownak Said:

    How do I install a perl script on a linux server

  • Wepic Said:

    Two moments. One story. Let your friends pick the best. That's Wepic! Photos can translate a souvenir, a special moment, an instant take or even a random shot. We believe every day, something big is happening - in a way or another. You just got to look around you and find it! With this app, you can take a double-capture and share it with your friends who pick the best moment. Wepic. Everyday, something big is happening.

  • Jessica Diamond Said:

    Hi, Our team was on your site today and we're very interested in pursuing an advertising partnership with you. Are you free for a phone call sometime this week? Best, Jessica Diamond

  • divya Said:

    Actually sir I want your os for my laptop so please send me CD for my laptop and if you have any best is for Android please also send me.

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