Tethering Android

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I have been using both the wifi access point and tethering and prefer the tethering option because it is faster, gives me access to the SD card and because the wifi connection seems to go up and down quite frequently.

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Tethering my Nexus One on Ubuntu 9.04 and 10.10 requires nothing. The systems automatically detect the modem and connect to it. It has been the easiest process I could imagine. No muss, no fuss, no drivers to install, no software to configure, nada, nil, zip, zilch... :-)

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On the CR-48, I was impressed by the tethering, as soon as I plug my nexus one into it and turn on tethering it switches to make the tethered ethernet the primary network connection, absolutely no configuration is necessary.

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Well, Verizon and the Droid 2 using Froyo 2.2 doesn't have the tethering option. When I had my Palm Treo 700p, I could tether just by plugging it into the usb, and NetworkManager would do the rest. When I first got the Treo, I had to add an app called usb modem, but, that was the only app I had to add.
As the carriers take more control of the wireless internet, I'm sure more restrictions (pay for play) will appear. I'm not really concerned about the tethering, due to the fact that I can do everything with the Android OS that I needed my laptop tethered to do in the past.
I'm sure on a rooted phone, setting up the tethering would be a lot easier, but, I'm not done experimenting yet.

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