Link to this post 27 Nov 10


I have having some problem with Doxygen. I want to create the HTML website with digram. I have three files ( two .c files and a header file)

I have configured the Doxyfile from the following website

It create the html website but no diagrams. Then i install the graphviz on my fedora and again run the Doxyfile but again no images.

I am not sure what is worng, OR is the method i am following is all wrong.

Thank you in advance.


Link to this post 30 Nov 10

Ok it worked now after following the exact settings from the following link

I am also making the LaTex file, and the doxygen generate a latex folder including a makefile to compile all files together in a one piece but it's looks that the PDF file generated by it is broken.

Any idea about this.

Thank you :)


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