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ok im new to linux and im trying to install java im stuck on step 3 i have java 7u4 but idk how to cd into firefoxs directory or how to find it. if you know how please help me i need to know the commands to put in im also installing jre but i only have one version of java i am stuck on the part where u have to cd in the firefoxs plugins directory so idk what command to put in to get to that directory to link it to java

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Unfortunately, java installations can be pretty counter-intuitive. If you do this, "ls -l /usr/bin/java" you will find that it points to somewhere else, such as /etc/alternatives, or /usr/java/... - where depends upon the operating system and version. When you install a new Java version, it doesn't necessarily get linked to the defaults in /usr/bin. This is because you can have multiple java versions installed at any time. I know about all of this because I am a senior engineer in a major software organization that uses java extensively, and a number of versions...

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Linux has various distro with different file maintaining procedure though almost all core architecture is same. Plz clarify the os version and flavor. Also java means, r u trying to install Java(JDK) / Jre(runtime) on ur system. Remember, more specific details help u to get more correct /nearby answers.

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Depending on what Linux distro you are using, you should be able to find a how-to in that particular distros wiki. Some distros like Fedora have 3rd party utilities like AutoPlus that with one click will do the whole installation for you. Give us some more info if you want better answers. Installing Java is not something that can be explained generically.

Here's a couple of links that may help: (I assume you've seen this since you say you're on step 3)

BTW - Step 3 of what how-to? If it's the how-to in the first link I gave you let us know.

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