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Hello To all,

This is a real novice question. I am running Linux Mint 12 kernel version I want to change the startup screen from graphical to text. I was hoping someone could help me and refresh my memory. I looked at a site and it told me to edit a file in the /etc/inittab folder but i remember there was another way. Does anyone know how to change this?

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Sorry for the delay, but, many of our forum members are on the road. When I want a text based boot in Fedora or Debian Sid I just remove "quiet" from the kernel line in grub. I don't have a Mint install working at the moment, but, since Mint is based on Debian, it should work the same.

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The file you need to edit (IIRC) following GoinEasy9 suggestion is: /boot/grub/menu.lst

Remove the "quiet" word from the kernel boot line and you should be done with it :)

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Thanks for the help. I really need to go back and learn more about the Kernel and the file system.

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Your welcome AmazingGray. We will be here to assist should you run into any problems.

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