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Debian fluxbox adding a tray

Link to this post 21 Nov 09

bend looking for a site for adding a tray.
Gnome installed by default.

I have done the background , an edit my menu .

Now i want to add a tray.
- my network failed me once when playing open arena.
- didnt know terminals command to restart it.
* I want my network show up in a tray for a quick fix if it happens again
* plus a few others things too.

Link to this post 21 Nov 09

you could install wicd as a network manager that will control both your wireless and wired connections, it has a tray icon.

Link to this post 21 Nov 09

Isn't there a way to activate gnome network manger in fluxbox.

i used gnome when i make errors and when i have trouble running in fluxbox.

so if i installed wicd it want me to remove network-manager and network-manager-gnome.
i'm trying to keep my gnome intact.

Link to this post 21 Nov 09

Unfortunately in ubuntu to install wicd it requires the gnome network manager to be removed. Have you tried calling network-manager from the command line to see if you can launch it in fluxbox?

Link to this post 22 Nov 09

i found the name. i just never new what to type because network-manger
came up with no such command.

nm-applet &
in my startup file.

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