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Lenny Base System - fluxbox

Link to this post 19 Mar 10

pentium 3 , 1 ghz . 386 ram.

What i done so far.
Install Lenny Base system (No Desktop).

Add to sources.list lenny backports

aptitude - Fluxbox , iceweasel , hardinfo , xserver-xorg-core xorg , pcmanfm , xterm , scite , gdebi
xarchiver , gsetroot , ksnapshot , gimp , nfs-user-server , nfs-common

deb files download and gdebi , wbar ,

pcmanfm - needed .gtkrc-2.0
-- install - tango-icon-theme
-- setup .gtkrc-2.0

setup conky , wbar
add fluxbox-theme Nuevat3k-Glacier

- flashplayer , download from adobe , extracted , copy to /usr/lib/iceweasel/plugins
# non-free flashplayer didn't work for me , from lenny backports

Problems are
-- click on item open it twice
-- have to refresh on boot to see background

iceweasel ,
-- seem to have trouble using menu with mouse

other known problems.
-- menu in other programs dont like to stay open without mouse button down.

Nfs file sharing
-- just haven't seem to get this to work

Link to this post 20 Mar 10

Lookin good, always nice to compile yourself some custom OS.

Link to this post 21 Mar 10

Just learning as i go. Adding what i like.

nfs sharing i have not fiqure out.
using nfs-user-server , not nfs-kernel-server

found mepis-8.0 firewall ( guarddog )

Now i get Permission Denied

instead of Failed: time-out

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