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hplip problems

Link to this post 26 Apr 12

The output looks normal enough, and the message about an error with the cartridge was received from the printer so I do not think any software changes will correct it. Have you attempted to reseat the ink cartridges or print to that printer from another operating system?

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I reset the ink cartridges but to no avail. Am not set up to operate from another operating system.

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Tested printer on Windows XP with the following results

HPTri Color
The cartridges listed above are not intended for use in this printer as it is currently configured.
Please refer to Printer Help.

Link to this post 28 Apr 12

I am wondering why that error message would not populate the same in hplip, I guess there is room for improvement in hplip. Anyway, you found the problem, the printer itself is reporting that the incorrect color cartridge is installed. If the correct cartridge is installed then it would be a hardware error that would warrant replacing the printer.

Link to this post 01 May 12

It is best to call a HW expert specially who has deep knowledge in printers. Check ur printer by the person and probably ur probs will be sorted out.

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